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Benefits PDF Print E-mail

ECIPA Healthcare offers a wide range of benefits that are aimed at keeping you fit and healthy. With our Managed Health Care philosophy, we are able to keep the cost of medical care low while ensuring the maximum benefit you, our valued member.

What is Managed Healthcare? It is a method of healthcare delivery that maximises the healthcare benefit to scheme members through responsible utilisation of healthcare services for low contribution fees.

Through its comprehensive benefit schedule, ECIPA Healthcare provides benefits to: 
 - Members 
 - Business Owners

Benefits for the full year for:

 - Family doctor consultations and services.
 - Acute and chronic medicines (in accordance with the ECIPA formulary.)
 - Specialist visits.
 - Radiology.
 - Pathology.

Generous benefits for:

 - Hospital services.
 - Optometry.
 - Dental services.
 - Auxiliary services.
 - Anti-retroviral medicine benefit for HIV/AIDS.
 - Organ transplants.

Other Benefits include:

 - Benefit for out of town visits.
 - Benefit for dependants living out of town. 


Benefits for Members:

Being an ECIPA Healthcare member gives you many benefits, the most important being “peace of mind”. With medical cover guaranteed for a full year for family doctor visits, acute and chronic medication, blood tests, X-Rays and specialist visits - you can relax in the knowledge that your medical expenses are fully covered. Generous cover for hospital, dental, optometry and other services ensures that you’re covered from every angle. Plus there’s an HIV/Aids programme if needed! With low contribution rates and the lowest fee increases year on year, ECIPA Healthcare will help ensure that you have more money in your pocket at the end of the day! When you join ECIPA Healthcare, you become part of an organisation that has your interests at heart and has a dynamic approach that's focused on keeping you healthy!


Benefits for Business Owners:

In short, reduced healthcare costs! With only one contribution increase per year, ECIPA gives you the ability to predict and budget for your business’ healthcare expenses! With ECIPA’s comprehensive benefit schedule, your employees will feel happy and healthy resulting in increased workplace stability. Being a local, committed service provider, ECIPA Healthcare provides you with efficient, face to face service and support ensuring that you have more time and peace of mind to focus on your business.